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Will ratner dating assistant

Sources -- let's just say close to the boat -- say they're all over each other. Ratner recently said he and Mariah were just really good friends, calling rumors of romance "ridiculous." Well now that's just ridiculous, because they're in full romance mode. Ratner has directed a bunch of films, including "Rush Hour" and "X Men: The Last Stand." He also directed music videos, including Mariah's "Obsessed," and "Touch My Body." It's very age appropriate -- they're exactly one year apart.

the boat is owned by one of Brett's billionaire friends and it's REALLY nice.

"I don't want to have any possible negative impact to the studio until these personal issues are resolved." Munn recalled how in 2004, when she was still an aspiring actress in Hollywood, she was visiting the set of Ratner's After the Sunset when she was asked to deliver a meal to the director's trailer.

According to Munn, she was assured that he would not be there.

In other words, let’s not pat ourselves on the back just yet, TV land. contributor Patrick Monahan goes to the source for a Cliff Notes version of Rose Marie’s unbelievable Hollywood life, which has been filled with scandal (her father worked for Al Capone!

It was much to her surprise, then, that Ratner was not only in his trailer, but was also sans pants and eating a shrimp cocktail."He walked out …

with his belly sticking out, no pants on, shrimp cocktail in one hand and he was furiously masturbating in the other," Munn said.

A vivid example of that possibly bygone culture appears in today’s I thought I wanted to marry him.” Hoffman responded to the piece with a statement that said, in part, “I have the utmost respect for women and feel terrible that anything I might have done could have put her in an uncomfortable situation.”’s Laura Bradley writes: Here’s your daily reminder that regardless of how much progress the entertainment industry has made, more is still needed: a new study finds that out of 234 series in the 2016-2017 TV season, two-thirds had not a single black writer—and in total, black writers accounted for only 4.8 percent of staff TV writers.

The Emmys might be a more diverse affair than the Oscars, and it’s true that on-screen diversity in television has made great strides—but the reality behind the camera continues to be less inspiring.


  1. Director and producer Brett Ratner has been accused of sexual. how Olivia Munn and him were dating. Ratner Accused of Sexual Harassment or.

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