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Who is peter andre dating now

He is none other than the very talented and versatile Peter Andre.

He was born in the year 1973 on 27th of February and this makes his age 42 at this time.

He has a very impressive 94.6 thousand followers in Instagram and this proves how popular he is in the site.

He loves to upload his pictures in the site to share them with his fans and loved ones.

Some of his shirtless pictures can be easily found if searched for.

The 28-year-old doctor has two children with husband Peter Andre, but he also has son Junior and daughter Princess from his marriage to Katie Price.

At this age he has already been very successful and all credit for that goes to his talent and hard work.

He was born in a place called Harrow which lies in London of United Kingdom.

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According to some sources he has a wonderful net worth of million dollars and nothing more is needed to be said about his success now."I had to have a caesarean which I didn't expect."At the time, I felt disappointed with myself, like I had let him down because there is so much more risk with having a caesarean."Following the procedure, it took Emily six weeks to recover, but she and Theo are now both healthy.She went on to say that she would like to avoid having another caesarean in the future if possible."I couldn't pick up [Amelia] and had no independence afterwards," she explained.Commenting on the relationship she has with her stepchildren, Emily admitted that they are a close family."I love it and this may sound quite cliché but being with them taught me what I needed to do before I had my own," she said.But it doesn't sound as though the Pricey has anything to worry about with regards to her children seeing Emily as a second mum.It is all his talent and hard work that has made him this successful today.He is also active in popular social networking sites such as Twitter and Instagram.He has been pretty engaged in Twitter as he has already tweeted in the site more than 10.6 thousand times.His Twitter account is also verified and this means he is the one using it."Pete was fantastic and really looked after me and the babies."But having had children both ways, I would say a caesarean is much harder.I found the recovery very difficult."If given the choice, I would rather not have a caesarean because I know I can do a natural delivery.


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