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Who is eli manning dating

If eli manning was drafted in the third round i could accept all the excuses he gets about o-line and recievers... i know its tough when your team doesnt make the playoffs and you want to rain on everyone elses parade.

last time i checked my team had just won its first playoff game and we are headed to dallas.

hopefully we'll get to see a better performance in whats left of the play offs. i thought i was the only person on earth that realizes he does not get the protection he needs, like golden boy brady or his big brother.

also the giants had the most dropped passes in football.

Yeah I've been trying to spit my foot out of my mouth all day.

He did bring the Giants to the playoffs three straight years. But it would be really embarrassing to some that if this Chump as DJ says does get the job done. I missed most of the game, but when Troy Aikman tells me in the 4th Q that Eli outquarterbacked Garcia, I believe him. As a life long die hard Cowboys fan, I have to say that Eli is not the problem.

weapons and they talk about that guy likes hes the best thing since sliced bread, eli now has just as many playoff wins as carson, i guess preception is realityanybody's first round draft pick should be in the probowl in his third year..plain and simple....i dont think eli is considered a "top notch" qb in the nfl, and for being a first overall pick that is a dissapointment if you ask me....i dotn think he is bad, but i dont think he is that great either...is average, and when you draft someone first overall, you dont want average, you want a superstar....i gave eli credit for last weeks win, he played very well..a hater...just proves my point..shows flashes, then he goes out and has a game like he did against minny earlier in the year....giants play well on the road, but i still think the boys win and win big....history is not on your side with those veiw points , there has been alot of players that havnt been in the probowl by there 3rd years, alot of them went on to be great players, also keep in mind how many qbs that were picked that high never amounted to anything at all,at this point your right hes not a top notch qb, but its only his 3rd year, do u have any idea how hard it is to learn that position at that level,in my opinion if his last name was not manning most peoples opinion would be would not..is the first overall pick in the draft.needs to be a superstar...thats why they drafted him that high..to throw 19 tds and 12 picks a year...i said.isnt that bad..the giants didnt draft him to be "not that bad".drafted him to be a superstar...right , only his third year....has he shown you anythikng to make you think he can throw 35 tds in the endzone?

...me..hey..a giants fan so i dont make excuses for him....look only a select few are going to be superstars,its not as eazy as i guess you think it is,also the giants did not draft him, the chargers did, my point about that is i dont hear alot about rivers not living up to expectations the way u do about manning, i just wonder why that is?

he might not throw 35 tds , but keep in mind how good of a season that really is, i think the stats just get put of wack due to peyton and bradys assult on the record books I will go on my rant about rivers if you want to.....

If Eli had a good O-Line like he did at Ole Miss he wouldn't get as much scrutiny as he has had.

Its not all Eli's fault when a receiver drops a pass.


  1. Discussion forum for Eli Manning's girlfriend. Does Eli Manning New York Giants, NFL have a girlfriend? Is he dating someone? Is he married? Single? Divorced? Would you date him? Did you date him? Who is his wife? His fiance? A forum for WAGs, spouses, puckbunnies, cleat chasers, groupies, side.

  2. Jan 8, 2017. Eli Manning, 36, and Abby McGrew, 33, met when they were students at the University of Mississippi back in 2002, when she was a freshman and Eli was a junior. The couple were profiled several years ago for a New Orleans newspaper. “In 2007, Eli knew he wanted Abby to be his wife. During a trip home.

  3. Sep 13, 2015. Abby McGrew and Eli Manning first met when they were both students at Ole Miss. The rest is football-romance history. Getty. New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning and his wife Abby first met at Ole Miss and, despite the longevity of their relationship, have managed to stay relative under the radar.

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