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Updating sql database from an array

Joomla's database querying has changed since the new Joomla Framework was introduced "query chaining" is now the recommended method for building database queries (although string queries are still supported).

Query chaining refers to a method of connecting a number of methods, one after the other, with each method returning an object that can support the next method, improving readability and simplifying code.

Joomla provides a sophisticated database abstraction layer to simplify the usage for third party developers.

New versions of the Joomla Platform API provide additional functionality which extends the database layer further, and includes features such as connectors to a greater variety of database servers and the query chaining to improve readability of connection code and simplify SQL coding.

When using the sql_build_array, there is no need to escape strings or force variable types.

Although forcing variable types is still recommended as a general rule.

the database generates a primary key value), you can specify the primary key column-name as the third parameter of the insert Object() method and the method will update the object with the newly generated primary key value.

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If you are simply inserting the next row in your table (i.e.$cursor="SELECT itemquantity,sellerid FROM mytable WHERE price='$price'"; //it is a table containing data about people selling their commodities $found Items = array(); // likely to be a parameter of a function...java JDBCExample Connecting to a selected database... Finally, there is also a delete method to remove records from the database.I had posted here last week regarding an issue "Very Nice Man" had helped me. For some reason my eyes just aren't seeing where to begin. By chaining these and other method calls, you can create almost any query against your data store without compromising portability of your code.The JDatabase Query class provides a number of methods for building insert queries, the most common being insert, columns and values.I've tried (and successfully i think) gotten things into an arraylist, but it's not updating the database as i would like to see it. -- This is where i dynamically create controls based on a checkboxlist of 13 items. Private Sub Create My Controls() Dim i As Integer For i = 0 To cbl Patient Goals. Add(New Literal Control("em(x)))" i can see the items i want to update, but it's only updating one of the 2 items in the checkboxlist 6 times. Sub Button1_Click(Sender as Object, E as Eventargs) Dim i As Integer Dim t As Text Box Dim l As Label Dim c As Radio Button List Dim al As New Array List() 'For x = 0 To cbl Patient Goals. I am happy to see a board that is monitored so closely.Joomla can use different kinds of SQL database systems and run in a variety of environments with different table-prefixes.In addition to these functions, the class automatically creates the database connection.


  1. Inserting, Updating and Removing data using JDatabase. Inserting, updating and. Joomla can use different kinds of SQL database systems and run in a.

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