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Updating damn small linux firefox

DSL offers a complete desktop with tiny core of command line tools.

It has the ability to act as an SSH/FTP/HTTPD server right off of a live CD.

However, the distro lacks some of the standard applications such as Firefox, KDE, Open Office, Gimp, Audacity etc.

Puppy could be a useful linux distro for working on old computers, playing the role of an emergency rescue system.

Syslinux once again click the link and download the zip file zip(once again where the is will be the version) the link is (optional but recommended ) 1. f=197I recommend not using the windows formatting tool for the flash drive i heard somewhere it can corrupt the drive and you won't be able to use it any more.

open the formatting tool and format your flash drive as FATmake your flash drive bootable 1.

open a command prompt and got to your syslinux directory mine is C:\syslinux 2.

once in the syslinux directory got to the win32 directory mine is C:\syslinux\win32 3.

It is a complete desktop suite that boots into 48 - 54M ramdisk from a USB keychain disk drive, Compact Flash, Hard Drive, Zip Drive, Floppy, Network/Thin, Client CD-ROM or Mini-CD.

These modules are combination of packages that can be loaded at bootup without installing them.

The applications included in the distro includes Sea Monkey, Abiword, Bluefish, Xfinans, Gaim, Gnumeric, Gxine, JWM, games, along with an assortment of utilities and tools.

Moreover, its widely accepted that Linux performs better on less than cutting-edge hardware.

These old systems are also incapable of ruining the latest and greatest software.


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