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Teachers intimidating children

Teams with the longest lists and/or the most unique ideas would be the winners of the game.

When I demonstrate, I am implying that I want students to replicate whatever I am showing them. Our brains use mirror neurons as a "monkey see--monkey do" kind of learning.

Creativity plays a larger role than ever before for the average person, but the opportunity to learn creativity in our schools is diminished by other out-dated standards and common core concerns. Therefore, we have paid attention to learning that molds the mind's thinking habits in the direction of creativity. Most of what I learn in art and in teaching is direct result of mistakes I make.

Will universal public schools fade away like shop classes at the end of industrial life, or will they transform themselves into a learning opportuniites to meet new needs? I become aware of problems after something happens. It is hard for me to see an issue until it presents itself in the form of failure.

Teachers are seldom taught how to teach creativity, but a few teachers have a 'gift' for it.

Could it be that they are "struck by" the ability to teach creativity?

Before the industrial revolution, work and creativity was woven into the fabric of everyday life.

During the industrial age, only a few elite innovators were needed to innovate.

They believe that some people are struck by it, or maybe they have a special gene.What if I then show interest by asking sincere, but open-ended questions to help me learn more about the student's concerns and interests?I may come to understand why the student is so interested in this content. What if, when the next project is initiated, we agree to take the next step by responding to a new question that cannot be answered with the previous responses?When grading is needed in art, it is only fair that we have a way to measure and achnowledge new learning.How can we use an accumulation of positive points including credit for growth and improvement (longitudinal grading instead of normative grading?I have not found that my criticism of a student's choice leads to more creativity in their artwork.When I see what appears to be trite trivia, what if I begin with an affirmation of the engagement and enthusiasm.I choose it, improve it, Assessment without rationale gives no useful information that helps a person be creative.When we give reasons, do our criteria include credit for the originality as much as for following prescribed requirements? If grading is used as punishment, it can motivate rebellion or passive resistance unless the student is unusually mature.Normative grading is based on comparison with others.It assumes that there is a certain equal norm that everybody must achieve.


  1. Bullying Behavior in Children and Adults. Belittling or intimidating another child. the approach of teachers in dealing with bullying has been driven by.

  2. Things I think teachers should unlearn. 1. Teachers know all the answers. 2. Teachers have to be in control of the class. 3. Teachers are responsible.

  3. Verbal abuse of students by teachers is typically. Nevada ' s law applies only to children with disabilities who. an intimidating or.

  4. Apparently 50% of teachers leave the profession within their first 5 years. I’ve heard this statistic bandied about for quite a while, and while you can argue the.

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