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The normal arrangement of internal organs is known as situs solitus while situs inversus is generally the mirror image of situs solitus.People with this rare condition should inform their doctors before an examination, so the doctor can redirect their search for heart sounds and other signs.Wearing a medical identification tag can help inform health care providers in the event the person is unable to communicate.About 25% of individuals with situs inversus have an underlying condition known as primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD).PCD is a dysfunction of the cilia that manifests itself during the embryologic phase of development.In rarer cases such as situs ambiguus or heterotaxy, situs cannot be determined.In these patients, the liver may be midline, the spleen absent or multiple, and the bowel malrotated.The incidence of congenital heart disease is 95% in situs inversus with levocardia.Many people with situs inversus totalis are unaware of their unusual anatomy until they seek medical attention for an unrelated condition, such as a rib fracture or a bout of appendicitis.Situs inversus also complicates organ transplantation operations as donor organs will more likely come from situs solitus (normal) donors.As hearts and livers are chiral, geometric problems arise placing an organ into a cavity shaped in the mirror image.


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  2. Situs Inversus Totalis in Twins A Brief Review and a. Life History / Twin Research Twin Studies of. Trisomy 21; Monozygotic Twin Concordance for. Bilateral Coronoid Hyperplasia; Prenatal Hormonal. Effects in Mixed-Sex Non-Human Primate Litters;. Insurance Mandates and Twinning After In Vitro. Fertilization / News.

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