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How is it that a bespectacled youth from Texas, who died aged 22 in a plane crash, is still revered 50 years on?

Because exactly the opposite is true — at least in an America which is already pretty clean. Let’s say you pay to have your house cleaned once a week, and for a reasonable price the house is 90% cleaner each time.

Now let’s say you decide you want your house 99% cleaner on a continuous basis. You have crews come in and work for hours every day, cleaning every surface with disinfectant. The cost goes up dramatically, and as a result you can no longer afford, say, the health care you once could afford before. Well, in the past week one of my grandsons was diagnosed with this disease.

However, what makes the correspondence extraordinary is that she wrote a similar letter to the widow of the pilot, Roger Peterson.

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The EPA provided a useful service years ago when it required us to clean up our air and waterways.

But global energy demand is rising much faster than renewable energy sources can supply.

So, for decades to come, we are stuck with fossil fuels as our main energy source.

There is a saying: don’t let perfect be the enemy of good enough.

In the case of reducing CO2 emissions to fight global warming, I could discuss the science which says it’s not the huge problem it’s portrayed to be — how warming is only progressing at half the rate forecast by those computerized climate models which are guiding our energy policy; how there have been no obvious long-term changes in severe weather; and how nature actually enjoys the extra CO2, with satellites now showing a “global greening” phenomenon with its contribution to increases in agricultural yields.


  1. Immediately after white nationalist Richard Spencer sat down with ANTIFA member Lacy MacAuley, their meeting was off to a rocky start. As MacAuley.

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