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Serious dating sites with serious members

Casually Dating: Your conversations are usually rooted in the present or near future.When you do talk about the future, your date most likely has big plans, but there’s not necessarily a space needing to be filled by someone else in there.The time of your dates is an important indicator of whether you’re serious dating or are involved in something more casual.These days, time is a precious commodity to us all, and members of serious dating sites and casual daters prioritise differently: Casually Dating: Your dates normally happen early or in the middle of the week, Monday-Weds.

But this happy choice has left us with one common dating question to ask ourselves: am I on a serious dating site or casual dating site? If you have no idea if you’re casual or serious dating, you should sit yourself down and make some honest decisions about where you want to go on your dating journey.They might have even suggested a date during the day on a weekend or bank holiday for the pair of you to while away the day together.Looking for a new special someone is all about priorities.A casual dater will typically either actively avoid talking about the big plans of the future, or make clear that their primary goals at the moment are on individual level.If you’re looking for singles on a serious dating site, you probably don’t want to invest a huge amount of time dating someone who’s next big milestone is to work in California or travel the world – although you never know.Casually Dating: A couple photos, a very generic or completely absent description of themselves and an incomplete bio.Serious Dating: A wide selection of pics showing your date off, an insightful description and a bio which reflects what’s important to your date.We’re all messaging on phones, laptops and even watches these days, and our devices follow us around everywhere we go, even on dates.Casually Dating: Your date never leaves their phone where you might see it and is oddly specific and protective when they show you something.There’s absolutely nothing wrong with living in the here and now, date to date.Neither life nor dating are all about meticulous planning, but there’s meaning behind the inclusiveness of the conversations you have with your date.


  1. WELCOME TO SOMETHING SERIOUS. Something Serious is a dating site for people looking for more than a date. Our members are looking for someone they can form.

  2. Find out more about serious dating sites - specialty online dating sites for serious relationships or marriage.

  3. Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and. belittled and mocked paid dating sites. After negative comments about "serious members" being.

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