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Sagittarius dating scorpio woman loveflirt and dating ru

The first thing I had noticed about her, was her beauty.We have a lot of common interests and I have fall in love with her not only because of her appearance but because she is a kind hearted person, smart and mysterious.I think he is just saying that because he really is not ready.

I'm a Scorpio woman, and have been dating a Sagittarius man for around a year now.I want to meet a Pisces or Cancer because I feel that they will appreciate me better. Some say that I should be 25 because of my life and way of thinking) and I have fell in love with a Scorpio woman(34 years old).We've met in a theater in which we are both actors.Just like the article said, the sex is great, and everything else we have to work at constantly. I even have some massages from him, trying to convince me to come back. He says he's coming back, but it hasn't happened yet.It's not an easy relationship, but it is rewarding in its own way. We fight all the time and I admit I nag him and do all the things I am not suppose to, but I am a Scorpio women so that is what I do. If this is your first visit to this site I recommend reading my Sagittarius and Scorpio compatibility article on this relationship first.I also have a Sagittarius man guide and Scorpio woman guide which contain a lot of questions and answers related to this relationship.I called off the romance but we are still friends he still tries to convince me that we are a perfect match.He tells me I am making a mistake by not continuing the relationship.What to say, a Sag said yes for marriage within 7 days! But I know that this will be the girl to whom I will marry.Who the hell says that this is not a perfect compatibility! Why to leave a girl when you know you cant get a better one? We are both extremely committed to each other, but the relationship overall is just so unnecessarily exhausting on so many levels.


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