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This book starts by looking at the Grail legend from a new and fresh angle with a personal review on the early stories.It goes on to show how a team of geobiologists began to unravel some of the secrets and mysteries of the Templars, the Cathars and the Ancient Jewish Alchemists.In his story the Grail is just a dish and a dish that has no magical qualities at all.It is only in the later continuations and variations of the story by later writers, that the Grail becomes another object like a Cup, a Stone and an invisible changing shape, and it is these objects that have now been given either holy powers or special magical properties.

Preface 9 Introduction 11 Part One – King Laurin’s Rosegarden 15 Background history on the Holy Grail 19 King Arthur 20 Chretien des Troyes and La Comte du Graal 24 Robert de Boron 38 Perlesvaus – the second cycle 39 The Vulgate and Post Vulgate cycles 44 Wolfram von Eschenbach 46 Nicolas Flamel 52 Otto Rahn 54 Knights Templar 62 Rudolf Steiner 86 Pre Christian Cauldrons 89 Templar Quests 93 Jerusalem 96 Abraham Eleazar 97 Gothic Cathedrals 105 Labyrinths 113 The Gatekeepers questions 118 Ancient tracks 123 Earth’s Energy systems 129 Louis (Luigi) Rota 160 Bath’s lead tablets 166 French tracks 169 Montsegur’s Cathar paths 173 Song lines 179 Part Two – The final hours of the Cathars 183 Caravaca de la Cruz 187 The Templar Window 190 A Cistertian date 195 Two coded messages 199 The Rosicrucians 201 Alpha and Omega and the Chi Rho 217 Symbols of Birth and Rebirth 226 The Ouroboros 227 The Sacred Operation 235 Transmutation filmed in a science laboratory 239 Hebrew Holy days 241 Tekufah 243 The Secrets of Abramelin the Mage 252 The Heiroglyphic figures 254 The Alchemy of the Planets 262 Jerusalem revisited 279 The Angel of Tipareth 285 Shekinah and Sakinah 287 The Kabbalah 294 The Phoenix 306 Two Horns Crossing 314 Part Three – A shepherd’s tale 323 The changing shape of the Grail 325 Energy Flow Directions 328 Petal patterns 342 Victor Schauberger 346 The Double Torus 348 Tesla 352 Divine duality 356 Flower of Life 357 Omphalos sites and Ancient Celtic paths 364 Montsaunes symbology 376 Node Classification 401 Return to Caravaca 404 Renewal and Regeneration 407 The Pythagoras Deception 412 Mad Dave Mc Mad 429 Standing waves 435 The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily 452 Part Four – The Chinese Cauldron and the Emperors 465 An Archaeological discovery 468 Energy sensitivity 476 Kinesiology and Flow directions 478 Living on the Energies 481 The Two Legends 486 In Final Summary 495 Acknowledgements 507 Appendices 509 List of figures and illustrations 523 Bibliography 527 The Bibliography is shown below The Holy Grail, The history of the legend by Richard Barber The Holy Grail: Imagination and Belief By Richard W.They seemed to have thought of this as some kind of individual cosmic unity.The book ‘Grail Found’ is about these mysteries and how they were solved and how the location of the Bronze Age city became the origin of the World’s greatest legend.They soon realised that what they had found in Southern Spain some 18 months earlier was what the Knights Templars seem to have been looking for.It appears that the strategy of the geobiologists and the Templars strategy were the same and if not, they were very similar.The local legend says that if they were ever understood, it would change the World for good.The second mystery was found in another Knights Templar chapel in the South of France.On its ceiling were circular graffiti like patterns that had never been decoded.Up until now, no one has understood what they are supposed to represent. An ancient Jewish book of Heiroglyphic figures seems to have had its contents deliberately changed over 600 years ago - just to stop people discovering its true meaning.Barber The High book of the Grail – A Translation of Perlesvaus By Nigel Bryant Parzival By Wolfram von Eschenbach – translation by A. Hatto Guardians of the Holy Grail By Mark Ameru Pinkham Wagner's Parsifal: An Appreciation in the Light of His Theological Journey By Richard H.Bell The Virgin and the Grail: Origins of a Legend By Joseph Goering The Prester Quest By Nicholas Jubber The Golden Builders: Alchemists, Rosicrucians, First Freemasons By Tobias Churton An Arthurian Triangle: A Study of the Origin, Development, By Peter Korrel King Arthur: The Truth Behind the Legend By Rodney Castleden The Conte Du Graal Cycle: Chrétien de Troyes' Perceval, the Continuations By Thomas Hinton Celtic Myths and Legends By T. Rolleston The Historic King Arthur: Authenticating the Celtic Hero of Post-Roman Britain By Frank D.


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