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Registered mail tracking not updating

I just hate to make phone calls, but it could be the only way if I want to know why.I already contacted the first buyer to see if there is any issue with the shipping address, but haven’t contacted the other, since I read somewhere saying don’t contact the buyer first…I think in the years I have been on Amazon I have only had less than a hand full of people say they didn’t get their packages. Since you sent it with a signature confirmation I would request a refund since they didn’t provide the service to you. Generally, postal offices are very efficient, compared with before, but in this busy holiday season, there might be higher probability for things to go wrong.On Amazon, it is so hard to earn a feedback, while negative feedback can come much easier, so I just try to make sure the buyers won’t get upset, especially when it is time to see the sale volume bumped up.I don’t know what’s going on there, but what should I do the next? If so, try going directly to the USPS website and trace it there and see what happens.I have another package out for delivery yesterday, and now shown as “Delivery status not updated” too… If you are concerned about the package, you can call USPS customer service.Edited by: Florida Seller on Dec 2, 2014 AM Items “Out for delivery” are expected to be updated that same day to: “Delivered”; “Notice left”; “Notice Left (No Authorized Recipient Available)” [when signature required]; or another appropriate status.When the tracking system does not get an update from the carrier by a certain time, “Delivery status not updated” is used instead.

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You can track multiple tracking numbers by entering them in the space provided above and clicking on the ‘Track’ button.( seperate tracking numbers by comma ).

They have a way to track the package and have more details than what the public can trace. I used a third party shipping service, and can click any shipment I sent out, and was redirected to the carrier website.

It also updates automatically, so when I see an issue with a shipment, I can click and see the detail.

Please Contact us, If you have problem with USPS Registered Mail Tracking.

Other Similar Tracking options You may Want ( Click on it to Track status ) (2) Owns a fundamental business of trading & supplying EMS products; including manufacturing of its own products.


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