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Red flags in a dating relationship

One of the most obvious red flag in your relationship is that if your guy shows no concern toward deciding dates and other relative activities.It is rather you who is expected from him to decide stuff.However, they can end this frustration if they know which dangerous relationship red flags are transforming their ideal dating to a red flags dating.Make your decision today that whether your guy is eligible enough to stay with you in long run, or is it the time to bade him good-bye.

One of the most critical relationship red flags which you should not overlook is when your guy makes your cry more than he makes your laugh. If he is a totally heartbreaker, bade him a good bye!

There is the one – when your guys lies too much, exaggerates and omits important things which needed to be told for maintaining an honest relationship.

It is quite obvious when he is not being honest to you, then he can betray and shatter you at any second.

If so, then you are wasting your valued time by valuing a useless guy who is wasting his life and holding nothing interesting at all.

A girl mostly adores sports guys and those who are sincere toward their jobs.


  1. Dec 7, 2017. When you realize that you were with a relationship with someone who lied to you in such a big way, you question everything.” – Maddy, 26. 2. "I was dating this guy in college, and one of the biggest red flags was how often he would jokingly make fun of my personal taste in style. He laughed at and called.

  2. Jan 25, 2018. If everyone in their past was 'crazy,' that is a huge red flag. "Actions speak louder than words. If the date says one thing and does another, look deep into yourself and tell yourself it will only get worse and walk away. If you are dating someone who tries to rush a relationship without giving you time to get to.

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