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Real adult chat chicago

Theater Artists are professional actors who use plays and theater activities to help youth activate their learning and practice for real life (see FYI).

Adult Educators are advanced practitioners in the public health field who receive extensive training from ICAH.

ICAH youth workshops are facilitated by Youth Educators, Adult Educators, and/or Theater Artists.

Youth Educators (ages 16-22) receive rigorous sexuality education and facilitation training through ICAH (see CHAT).

ICAH staff and youth leaders work collaboratively, offering interactive modules that are medically accurate, age-appropriate, and youth-friendly.

Peer Education Workshops are co-facilitated by a Youth Educator and an Adult Educator.

Our Performance-based Programming offers participatory plays, which open the door to safe and engaging conversations, and workshops co-facilitated by an Adult Educator and a Theater Artist.

ICAH’s Sexuality Education aligns with our mission, vision, reproductive justice framework, and youth development framework.

Our information reflects an approach to sexuality education that is medically accurate, developmentally- and age-appropriate, culturally sensitive, trauma-informed, and inclusive of youth of all sexual orientations and gender identities.


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