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My former wife, Eileen Ansel Wolpe, and I have remained very close. A friend of her's recently told her he was contemplating divorce and asked her advice from the other side. When he pressed further, she gave an answer so wise and insightful that I asked her permission to post it for the benefit of others. Divorce is a hard path, a long, circuitous journey that is not something you can control. And, there are some nasty little secrets that no one tells you (but I will, right now). I'm not even sure my telling you can save you from this fate. It takes time to regrow bones and skin and sinew and soul.

You open the door and walk through it, thinking you will go to destination 'x' only to find out that it was just an illusion, that destination 'x' is only visible from inside the marriage and that once you leave, you not only cannot find it, but you start to realize, it probably never existed at all. Here's a doozy: when you leave your marriage, in terms of romantic relationships, you begin to behave as if you were still the age you were when you met your spouse. You get involved in things you should have outgrown years ago. Because the thing is, it's a little like being an addict. It takes courage not to thrash about in the quicksand. Only then can you begin to walk towards a new place, a better place.

Paul Wolpe was very rude to me like he knows and this is “what he does.” Do you realize how horrible this is?

All these people and organizations want and pay and promote Rabbi David Wolpe to abuse women and children and profit from divorce by harming them and he ALLOWS THIS!!! Can you believe your father pretended he loved me while moving assets and telling you lies about me. He is doing all these corrupt acts but tries to act innocent and honest.

If he ever leaves you a message it is of a very slow and garbled voice so just disregard it.

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It takes two to make a relationship but only one to break it apart. You cannot leave a marriage without doing violence to all those things, no matter how amicable the divorce. I feel like an ass for writing posts like this and this. I am 41 and I've been with this man for 20 years - half my life. Today is the fourth day I haven't worn my wedding ring. Almost 19 years of marriage and more than that of him being my best friend and he has shut the door - just like that. the destruction of together-dreams, forever-dreams, family-dreams, love-dreams. At some point every day, usually in tears I cry to myself and wonder how did I get here? Eileen Ansel Wolpe goes on to say that divorce is: … I know my husband and when he sets his mind to do something, he typically follows through - and he is determined to leave me. Obviously, this is what they pay him to do to keep the parental alienation going to keep us separated so he can keep my money and property and profit from the divorce. Of course this is promoting abuse and hacking which are both illegal.So with all of these issues, why won’t Jewish leaders get him the help he needs? So why won’t Rabbi Wolpe resign and get himself the help he needs?I know this because I was the one who broke us 10 years ago. I was fortunate enough to realize my mistake and most fortunate for my husband to forgive me - except he never really did and that is the crux of the issue. Trying to figure out what this will mean for my sons - one a junior in high school, one in 8th grade and one in 2nd grade. And the truth in that has broken my heart into a million pieces - destruction of together-dreams, forever-dreams, family-dreams, love-dreams... I thought that because we made it through that mess we would always be solid. A fight was just a fight; a disagreement just that - not the end of the world and, for sure, nothing to end our our marriage They were opportunities to practice arguing, practice saying I'm sorry and, well, just arguments. I spend my commute days wiping away tears and choking back the vomit I feel in the pit of my stomach. Trying to figure out how I can best manage this situation. How am I going to be able to afford to live in this same affluent town to keep my kids in the only school district they've ever known? I am grieving and it is the worst grief I've ever experienced. Unfortunately, as anyone who has dealt with grief understands, it's just a hole in your heart that no one can help heal. No matter how many people I have around me, this is mine to deal with alone. David Wolpe is the rabbi of Sinai Temple in Los Angeles.Previously, he taught at the Jewish Theological Seminary, where he also served as assistant to the chancellor.You thought you would fly but you sink and the only way you will survive is if you intuit that you must be still until the universe begins to solidify around you once again. The goal of divorce should not be to be with someone else. And that, as you know, is a task only for the very bravest of heart. It takes stamina, fortitude, faith, trust, belief and not a small measure of complete insanity.


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