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It turns out that all of the tests occurred under the same mountain and scientists are now warning that it could implode, leaving a massive hole that would leak deadly radiation across the entire region, including China: Wang Naiyan, the former chairman of the China Nuclear Society and senior researcher on China’s nuclear weapons programme, said that if Wen’s findings were reliable, there was a risk of a major environmental disaster.

Another test might cause the whole mountain to cave in on itself, leaving only a hole from which radiation could escape and drift across the region, including China, he said. If the mountain collapses and the hole is exposed, it will let out many bad things.” Sunday’s blast was followed by an earthquake eight minutes later, If the results are accurate, then there has already been a partial implosion of the mountain, though the radiation released during recent nuclear tests remains contained. With North Korea planning even more tests, China has reason to be worried.

Weapons of Mass Destruction, electro-magnetic pulse weapons and World War III aside, however, the South China Morning Post reports that another danger lurks just below the mountain where North Korea has been testing their nuclear devices.

A total of at least six nuclear device tests have reportedly taken place in North Korea and Chinese seismologists have been able to pinpoint their locations to within 100 meters.

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"In the past, there were a number of cases in which North Korean athletes' movements were disrupted and some people were caught attempting to infiltrate their accommodation," he said.

Hundreds of North Korean athletes, officials and supporters have attended major sporting events in the South, according to Yonhap.

Some 700 came to the 2002 Asian Games held in Busan city and 273 athletes from the North took part in the Incheon Asian Games in 2014. Based on experiences from the past, we will prepare to mobilize a sufficient police force," Lee said.

Police are also training to respond to terror attacks in the forms of weaponized drones, charging vehicles and chemical, biological and radiological threats.

We already know that North Korea has the capability of not only firing Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles that could strike major U. cities, but that they have the nuclear technology to make any such attack absolutely devastating.


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