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Or just see how often I get complimented on my shoes.

If your emissary sees that you’re both into each other he’ll leave you alone together. But Italians were harder, because everyone had a “grupetto,” his little group of friends who stood in a circle around him to protect him from anyone who might like him.Then Lulu signaled for me to come over and introduced me: “This is my friend Brian.” From there I started talking to the guy, and eventually Lulu excused herself and left me alone with him.“How do you know Lulu?” I asked him.“I just met her now.”So it was OK to go up and talk to a stranger if it was only in a friendly way, the way Lulu did.I’ve been asked twice in the last month what the difference is between gay dating in New York and London.It’s a hard question to answer because while I’ve lived in London for three years, I haven’t lived in New York City for 13.Walking around a bar telling guys you don’t know that you like their sneakers can be a little insincere.Also, if the guy ends up not liking you, there’s nothing really left to say.I thought it was because I was reaching for guys out of my league, but once I started making Taiwanese friends they explained to me how it worked.“Who do you like?” my friend Lulu (his drag name) asked me.“That one.”And Lulu walked over to him and talked to him for a bit.Each number boosted my ego a bit more, and the more numbers I got the more chances I had for dates during the week.I’d choose the guy I liked the most out of the whole bunch, which was usually one of the last numbers I got, and schedule a date with him for Wednesday or Thursday.


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  4. I’ve been asked twice in the last month what the difference is between gay dating in New York and London. It’s a hard question to answer because while I’ve.

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