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However, there are many more kissing games to choose from.You can try them out and find out which one you like best. This kissing game can work best for couples who are in love. You get to eat candy and then kiss your spouse until they can distinguish the candy flavor. Continue playing this kissing game until all the candies are finished. Dating couples can try it out as they get to know each other.Let your kissing partner sit down slowly with ice cubes still on the stomach. Therefore, make sure you are playing this naughty game in the bedroom.Wherever the ice cube land, you get to kiss that particular place. Couples who have a problem with foreplay can try this naughty kissing game. Married couples or young adults in love play this game best. It is more fun when you are in a small group of close friends. The catch in this naughty kissing game is not to let your partner kiss you unless they convince you otherwise.Truth or dare kissing games involve several groups of people; they can be adults or teenagers in a party. Therefore, when an adult chooses truth, you get to kiss the person of your choice. If it is a dare, you go to the bathroom and kiss each other, but if you choose truth, you tell the other person a personal fact about you. A Jolly Rancher kissing game is played by teenagers, but that does not mean adults cannot play it too.The catch with this naughty game is that you get to kiss a person you have a crush on or a person who keeps on flirting with you. Another way is to write two names on a piece of paper. In this kissing game, you must be a small group of people preferably six.This kissing game can bring both pleasure and sexual satisfaction for the couples. It involves a snack you both love, for instance, chocolate because it gets to melt fast.Make sure you pick a snack with your mouth and pass it on to your spouse.

Teenagers play kissing games when they attend a party or a sleepover.

The catch with this naughty game is that you get to kiss the person you fancy much. It only involves two people where they use masking tape to cover the dice. Dating couples should avoid this naughty kissing game since it is not for the lighthearted.

However, if you like to experiment, you can spin the bottle to whomever you want. One dice is drawn body parts, and the other dice is inscribed with what to do with the body parts such as kiss, suck, and other naughty words. The 7 minutes in heaven can take place in the bathroom without lights on. It involves a group of couples who sit in a circle.

It involves guessing a magic word and letting your partner guess that word. The best thing about this kissing game is that it can take weeks before it ends and you get to kiss your partner now and then. Therefore, your partner will kiss you as you resist.

If he or she gets it right, you reward them with a kiss. The fun part is that as you resist your partner's kiss; it becomes more interesting and heated up. Put hot sauce on everybody’s tongue and start kissing. Do not try this game if you are allergic to hot sauce. The game is much more fun when you have invited a group of friends to a house party.


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  2. Jan 8, 2017. If I could count the amount of people I'd heard say that they don't like 'playing games' in a relationship I'd have my own private island in the Maldives by now. Games, it would seem, are something people not least of all the slightly older amongst us, ahem prefer to leave out of the dating game, choosing.

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