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Meatmarket dating

Obtain funding to start-up and maintain your meat market until your business is established, which usually takes at least one year .

If personal financing isn't an option, apply for a loan at a bank or credit union, or consider a second mortgage on your home if you have enough equity.

You can learn how to artfully arrange meat in refrigerated cases at the butcher shop with your name written above the door. Write down your vision for opening, operating, running, funding and advertising your butcher shop.

A less-desirable funding source -- especially if you want to control every aspect of your meat market -- is to find a partner. If you're opening in a location that previously served as a meat market, freezer and refrigeration cases should already be in place.

If starting from the ground up, shop and compare commercial suppliers to obtain essential equpment.

Additionally, buy as much insurance as your business broker recommends so you are fully prepared for any type of unforeseen event.

Outfit your meat market and design the space so meat cutting and preparation areas are as spacious and well-appointed as possible.


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  2. Unless you're a vegetarian, the smell of a perfectly grilled steak is enough to send your taste buds into overdrive. If your passion for meat transcends the single.

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