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Local white ladies to fuck with no credit cards

I told her that I was sure she was a nice person but the problem is that the people that she works for are bad.

When I told her I was trying to waste as much time as possible of theirs she immediately hung up. But that is long enough to it to give them a little sting.

If you need help settling credit card debt, check our article to learn about your options. And if you need additional help, consider contacting a legitimate credit counseling service. Each phone call has what is know as a call detail record associated with it.

It is what the phone companies use to bill legitimate customers for there calls.

BUT only if we do not break RULE 1: DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY REAL INFORMATION! Flanders (as in Ned Flanders) I try to keep them on the line for at least 2 minutes and try to ask them a few personal questions between their questions such as how long have they had this job and how big is the call center.

Then after a couple of minutes I ask for a telephone number that I could call them back on.

I totally agree, if everybody kept them tied up just for a few minutes these guys would dry up and blow away.When they say they cannot give out their number I ask them to think hard about why the people they work for do not want to give out their telephone number.Or I ask if they ever have people get angry or irate at them.If they say yes I tell them that they need to get paid more for this kind of work.I have tried asking the person that calls me from this company to stop calling.Put pressure on your phone carrier to implement technology to prevent being called by fake numbers.This will eliminate all these calls and put them out of business.Unfortunately for me, when I do speak with someone (last name he gave was Jeffery) he starts cursing at me and then trying to solicit sex. Well Heather called again, this time I was able to make some small talk with the woman I was connected with while I was supposedly looking for my credit card.She said she was in the Dominican Republic and the job was a very good job.And they often use shady tactics — like telling you to stop paying your bills, lying to your credit card company so that you qualify for a hardship program, and not telling you that you’ll have to pay additional fees to transfer a balance.If you follow that advice, you’ll be in worse financial trouble than ever.


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