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(Synopsis / Review) Film Story: Wealthy writer Sang-hyeon is in a slump and drinks every day.

One day, he’s on his way home drunk and witnesses a woman being bullied by strangers in the neighborhood, then helps her.

She scouted women with all sorts of stories, It was a iron-walled woman who adhered to the rule of ironing. (Synopsis / Review) Film Story: Having a new place in a tranquil share house, Ibuki is afraid of women because of his poor childhood memories.

Koharu, owner of Share House, always has a strong and strong type of owner, causing troubles with Ibuki many times.

Koharu’s younger brother likes to put these two together and plans with the share house ... Upcoming “special mission” is head hunters to the withdrawal of the human resources in the enterprise.

(Synopsis / Review) Film Story: cartoon hero who received the special mission to success, drama, etc. In order to obtain the best talent, various means of spy battle unfolds. (Synopsis / Review) Film Story: Iwana who lived without a proper friend since childhood.

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I was having sex together and rumored to have a good pension business. (Synopsis / Review) Film Story: After being abandoned by parents in childhood Kaori, who has been living in a nursery school, In terms of performance and objectivity, all the companies are good people to take a ride.But during full moon, the girl in the group is possessed into a sex crazed bitch.(Synopsis / Review) Film Story: Lenny, Japan’s largest electronics maker, is in the midst of sluggish performance in the past due to the explosive popularity of ‘Eve 48’, a Maid-type humanoid developed by a large overseas company ‘Chun Dai’.He feels pleased that his friends’ mockery and violence are also of interest.After graduating from school, he works as a kitchen assistant, but even he does not have to worry about it.He announces his farewell to his current minister Michiru for an affair with another woman. Sexy Tonge (2015) sinopsis Aikawa Shinsuke married couple of 10 years.Shinsuke, who runs an adult movie recording studio, I was against an Aiko who was an anonymous girl, and a child was born and married in dating.One day, however, the Showa Han, who seems to have a deep story, ...(Synopsis / Review) Film Story: In commemoration of my husband’s order, I bought a pension in the countryside I started my pension business, but the pension I bought was a ghost pension …He picks up a necklace that she might have dropped during the struggle. (Synopsis / Review) Film Story: Shu is divorced from his wife, and at work is a gloomy salaryman who does not know when he will be able to get his job done.The only habit for him is to play cosplay call girls and enjoy sex.


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