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The younger generation of men and women are more likely to encounter narcissists – those without empathy – at an alarming rate in their daily lives.While narcissists can be found anywhere and everywhere, the online world of dating provides them with a platform where predators can gain access to multiple victims without accountability.(Some good news is that Tinder users are already having safe sex! )Because "Dangerously in Love" is a great title for a Beyoncé song—but not a great way to run your dating life. Research indicates that a higher number of younger people are meeting the clinical criteria for Narcissistic Personality Disorder and that we are now living in what might be called “the age of entitlement” (Twenge and Campbell, 2009).

(Or at least keep these dos and don'ts of internet dating in mind.) And everyone—no matter which state you're in—can benefit from practicing safe sex the right way.Frequent online dating app users may want to take a break from swiping-induced carpal tunnel and spend time alone or with family and friends rather than engaging in serial dating.Find ways to meet people organically without using these apps; attend Meetups based on your hobbies or interests, or join clubs that center on your passions; pursue activities in your local community such as group meditations or yoga with like-minded people.Look up from the screen and engage in face-to-face conversations with the people in front of you; the more we interact with others in real life, the more hope we have for connecting with humanity in more authentic ways.If you’re going through a break-up, resist the urge to download an online dating app to ‘rush’ the healing process.In many cases, it will only delay the natural grieving process and lead to more disappointment. There might be good people with earnest intentions on these dating apps, but there is no doubt that many narcissists and sociopaths infiltrate these apps and use online dating as their virtual playground.Online dating gives malignant narcissists and sociopaths access to numerous sources of narcissistic supply – people who can provide them with praise, admiration, and resources – without any need for any form of investment, commitment or accountability.Unfortunately, our current hookup culture and the rise of online dating apps have made emotional unavailability a new normal (Garcia, et. Many singles now feel entitled to all the benefits of a relationship without actually being in one, engaging in the real-life equivalent of the ‘it’s complicated’ Facebook relationship status with numerous partners.Needless to say, the effects of hookup culture can be alarming to the psyche and have a psychological impact on the way that we view relationships and intimacy in the modern age.Studies show that deception is common on these apps, with users creating an illusory image of who they are and what they are looking for, resulting in frustrating romantic encounters (Purvis, 2017).Self-Care Tip: A digital detox is needed, especially in times like these.


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