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Perhaps you could provide further information to assist me in this regard ...Thank you so much for taking your time and knowledge to support my concerns.Impression Management Professionals 15768 Venture Lane Minneapolis, MN 55344 (NNN) NNN-NNNN Toll Free: 888-IMP-9421 | Email:[email protected] | Web: to Consultant01's Post: I have viewed the web site address you provided.Unfortuntely there is no information at all on that web site to indicate that the criteria specified for the professional sought (in my question) is met by any member of the 'network of people ready to help' to which you refer.Feel free to share my blog with your colleagues or friends. We arrange a date and meet and everything goes pretty well.

I am not interested in the services offered by creative writers or online profile helpers.

A second process is based on understanding accuracy.

For example when an individual is perceived as favourable based on thin slices of evidence.

I am hoping that you are able to assist me with a query which relates to 'online dating'.

I have an 'online' profile and photograph(s) that I wish to have analysed (detailed analysis and management of profile impression, what people see, what is good, no good, and reasons why, suggestions for improvement, and reasons for suggested improvements).


  1. Impression management online is seen in both dating and non-dating social sites. It appears often in the way that we communicate, and in the way we portray.

  2. Clichés such as top ten singles of all time management dating online Bob Dylan in the Stones, it sounds to me, management online impression but the last thing.

  3. Full-text PDF Online dating systems are now widely used to search for romance and yet there is little research on how people use these systems to manage their.

  4. Jan 25, 2006. Thirty-four individuals active on a large online dating site participated in telephone interviews about their online dating experiences and perceptions. Qualitative data analysis suggests that participants attended to small cues online, mediated the tension between impression management pressures and the.

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