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Logitech excels with very rapid autofocus response in many of it's newest generation of 720p and 1080p HD web cameras.If you want Auto Focus, choose a hardware-based autofocus model with fluid, smooth focusing.For MOST people a simple, hassle-free, futz-free fixed lens cam may be your best straight-forward choice.Web cams with an adjustable focus ring imply a bit of fiddling.You may also want a webcam with Built-In USB microphone which most - but not all have.

Look for smart, thoughtful design in the camera itself: A webcam clip and mounting design that's versatile and adjustable when perched atop or clipped to a laptop or notebook screen, that can sit on your desktop or monitor, or those that have a standard camera mount hole for attaching to a tripod.

And often, just touching them to fine-tune it's focal length often knocks it out of position.

The same problem occurs with some webcams that may have a still-picture snapshot function or button to trigger movie recording.

A steak dinner wager says this guy is a raging, psychopathic Liberal.

USB Video Class - Universal USB webcams are now the de-facto camera standard, the SMART choice for getting online and connected to pals, family and friends with the least amount of hassle and cross-platform compatibility.


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