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Iceprincess dating

Finally, someone gets drunk enough that his friends push and push and he’ll walk over, but because he’s so drunk, he’s not very interesting to talk to, so he gets blown off.

Everyone else sees that, so they think we’re the unapproachable bitches.

I’ve just broken into a new social circle, a bunch of grad students at the college here.

No more baby steps, no more doing a little bit and getting nowhere except closer to 40.

I’ve been concentrating on Social Circle Mastery because I work nights and don’t really go to nightclubs.

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Greetings Savoy, How do you get through to the “ice princess” who is always on her game, always says and does the right thing, always looks perfect, and intimidates every man she meets? On New Year’s Day this year, I decided to change my life.


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