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In sum, we were able to create and employ the video recording application with participants as young as 4 months old.

Quality-wise, no participant had to be removed due to the framerate or quality of videos and only 7% of data was excluded due to behavioral factors (lack of concentration).

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Overall, since new technologies became available and more established, we see a shift from classical, in-lab-based data acquisition to online recordings.One of the most common tasks in this area is the preferential looking task (Fantz, 1965).In preferential looking, two stimuli are presented side-by-side and the experimenter usually records fixation durations to each stimulus: The stimulus receiving higher fixation durations is considered to be preferred by the infant participant.Perhaps the purest distillation of voyeurism into a business model is the pay cam site.Users pay for the privilege to watch another person for a certain amount of time.To broaden the available methodology in online experimentation, this study explored the use of recently introduced web technology webcam access to conduct a classical developmental paradigm through the Internet.While it was possible to realize this approach before the new Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) release (Jacobs, 2012), it heavily relied on downloadable plugins such as Flash or Java.Voyeurism is one of the biggests American pastimes of the 21st century.Whether it's sitting in the park or turning on a reality television show, people love to watch other people; modern technology allows them to watch without being watched back.After the introduction of HTML5, browsers natively support access to media devices, such as microphones and webcams, thereby offering better cross-browser support and an easy integration of this method.In short, processing data from webcams and microphones are not treated as a specialty anymore, but becomes a common approach in web technology.


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