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Hinduism and inter racial dating

However, the Leadership Council of Conservative Judaism has a more nuanced understanding of this issue than does Orthodoxy.The Conservative movement has stated: In the past, intermarriage …

Religion is a difficult subject to broach for romantically involved couples.First, the child of a Jewish woman is considered to be Jewish, regardless of the faith of the father, while, historically, the child of a male Jew and a female non-Jew is not.Second, a Jewish marriage is, by definition, a contract between two Jews, involving a Ketubah or Jewish prenuptial agreement.The Ketubah is considered an integral part of a Jewish marriage.Intermarriage under strict Jewish law is therefore not only forbidden, but actually impossible.With increasing contact between different peoples of the planet, views towards inter-religious and inter-racial marriage have changed considerably.Many such marriages have taken place, and the children, while still experiencing some isolation, have begun to find their place in the world.Conservative Judaism rejects intermarriages as being a violation of halakha (the collective corpus of Jewish religious law), and as causing severe demographic harm to the Jewish people.Conservative rabbis are not allowed to perform intermarriages.Crossing religious lines for the sake of marriage was once, and still is, considered by some to be an act of apostasy.The traditional view of promoting marriage within one's faith community stems from the fact that religion has traditionally dominated culture and social life, so to wed someone outside of this group would be wholly alien.


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