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Or perhaps he just wanted to experience the thrill of a ride along the rapids?

Pan around to see a steam locomotive lost to the power of the raging waters of the Colorado River.

The flags tell us that we are in Norway where families are enjoying the afternoon outside their colorful wooden houses.

On the steps you can see a bride and groom who have just said "I do! Downstream the Grim Reaper awaits the rafters in their rubber dinghies.

But the 21,000 men and women dancing and partying are not the only ones enjoying the music.

Have you spotted the cows and the flying carpet yet? There are a number of curiosities hidden in the crowd.

The passengers have a fantastic view, but they will probably miss one thing: the submarine emerging from the lake.

The Swiss “King of Dance” puts on a huge show with Buddha and fountains and the fans are going crazy.

It took technicians six weeks to solder all the little lights to illuminate the Las Vegas strip.Almost as elaborate as the original, the model here is has been constructed in great detail and is very accurate.It took the designers more than a year to build the towers, gables, balconies, and battlements from more than 6,000 individual parts.Huge cranes transport loads, construction workers climb to dizzying heights and the large bridge construction site holds magical appeal for the beholder.Cars and trucks drive along the narrow switchbacks below. A car driver has become impatient and is attempting a risky overtaking maneuver.A weather balloon rises to collect the latest weather data.With a real eye for detail, the creators have made the glistening snow from the finest glass dust.When the festivalgoers turn away from the stage, do they know that they are looking at one of the most expensive plots of building land in the world?This very piece of land was auctioned off by the Miniatur Wunderland in 2007 for the benefit of children’s charities for 154,000 Euros per square meter – as expensive as building land in New York or London. People are dancing, drinking, and barbecuing – and even the nuns are no guarantee that all the visitors will behave themselves.Who isn't familiar with the stone monument dedicated to former US presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln?Of course, this famous landmark had to be included in the American section of the Wunderland.


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