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However, he was perhaps the most adept at navigating the field of romance, entertaining many girlfriends. March 23, 1961), commonly known as Ali, with the two eventually marrying on August 21, 1982. Ivan and Peter were, to quote Adam, “weeded out” early on, whilst Dick eventually left the band to study engineering at Trinity College Dublin.

The four remaining boys were initially named Feedback (supposedly after the ear-splitting wailing that always seemed to emanate from the guitar amps), before becoming the Hype, and then eventually U2.

The latter was an incarnation meant for the European crowds during the 1993 Zooropa tour, apparently intended as a depiction of the Devil as a tired, old pop star who’s been reduced to playing the Las Vegas circuit.

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At Mount Temple, Bono describes himself as being “a bit wide-awake, a bit bright, a bit experimental.” Although he was far from exceptional as a student, he had a flair for history and art, and became a keen and expert chess player. As well as Bono, the other boys who made it to that first session were 15-year-old guitarist David Evans (later nicknamed The Edge), 16-year-old Adam Clayton, who couldn’t actually play bass guitar but certainly knew how to talk as though he did, Larry’s friend Peter Martin, Ivan Mc Cormick, and David Evans’ brother Dick.Paul settled in very quickly and soon became well-adjusted and happy in his new environment.But at the age of 14, he suffered a tragic and devastating loss when his mother died of a brain hemorrhage whilst attending the funeral of her own father.Since then, Bono’s Christian faith has played a big role in his life, but in a way that has largely been free from the influence of the mainstream church.PERFORMER Right from the beginning of his time with U2, Bono cultivated a reputation for being able to connect physically and emotionally with fans to an astonishing degree during the band’s performances.In fact, Bono would later claim that the inarticulate Bob Hewson’s unspoken message to his children was “to dream is to be disappointed.” The singer has often cited this as a key reason for his forming such big ambitions and becoming even more determined to follow his dreams.It was not long after his mother’s death that Paul also got his new name.He honed his technique initially during U2’s earliest gigs in small pubs and clubs across America and Europe, where as he put it, he would “walk out on tables, kissing people’s girlfriends and drinking their wine.” Later on, in the 1983 War tour, the singer would regularly climb the stage tresses in order to prevent the crowds’ attention from wandering.However, perhaps the most well-known example of Bono’s on-stage theatrics was during Live Aid in 1985, when mid-way through “Bad” he leapt off the stage and over a security barricade to the floor of the stadium, pulling a girl from the crowd to dance with her.On the 20 Elevation and Vertigo tours, Bono became a more low-key version of his late-’80s onstage self, seeking to educate audiences politically and spiritually as well as to entertain.ACTIVIST Bono has long been involved in a variety of causes outside of U2.


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