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Its about the story and the best way to get the story up onto the screen.This is about [Thomas] Harris, [the screenwriter and] this is about Hannibal Lector and its about me using whatever skills I have to try to make it a compelling, compulsive [and] watchable movie.What it impressed me in Gaspard, not only was he a good actor, but [there was] some mystery in his face. When we worked on the auditions, we worked for two hours on three different scenes of the film.I liked the way he worked with me and, also, its also kind of addictive working on this character for two hoursyou just want to keep going.In Hannibal Rising, directed by Peter Webber, written by Thomas Harris and produced by Dino De Laurentiis, Gaspard Ulliel plays the adolescent version of Hannibal Lector, who exacts revenge on those who killed his family when he was very little.Gong Li plays Lady Murasaki, a friend and lover of his.You can think about it, you can try to be intellectual about it, but, a lot of the time, its just about a gut feeling.I had a gut feeling when I did Girl with a Pearl Earring and Scarlett [Johansson] walked into the room. I also knew one of his old movies Les gars which is called Strayed over here [in the U. You can just see the precision and depth of his acting skills and he had that kind of haunting in his eyes. Its like dating: sometimes it feels right, sometimes it doesnt feel right.

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Whats the best to light it, the best way to design it [and] the best way to direct the actors.So, a lot of things that came out of the actual performance are the result of this cooperation and coordination with opportunities to discuss things with Peter Webber and Gaspard.NYC MOVIE GURU: Did you relate to any of the Asian elements in the film?NYC MOVIE GURU: Gong, how would you describe the relationship between your character, Lady Murasaki, and Hannibal Lector? The relationship between Lady Murasaki and Hannibal is indeed also quite complicated.They start off having a relationship between relatives and, after that, they gradually help each other and, by the end, their relationship has a bit of love in it as well.It was great working with Gaspard because hes a great actor.Hes very relaxed on the setmaybe even more relaxed than I am.You just get these hairs rising up on the back of your neck. NYC MOVIE GURU: How did Hannibal Rising end up becoming a revenge story?DDL: We wanted to show the beginning of the life of Hannibal Lector.We started to show [him] when he was 8 years old during the war.Maybe the monster [that he becomes] comes from the war.


  1. As Hannibal and Mischa watch wide-eyed, mom rises briefly, then collapses into her son's

  2. Hannibal Rises Once More Photo #2421524. The new Hannibal movie has got me interested with newcomer Gaspard Ulliel, 22, and Gong Li Miami Vice, Memoirs of a Geisha.

  3. Gong li hannibal rising dating. Her father was a professor of economics and her mother, who was 40 when Gong was born, was a teacher. In 1985, Gong sought to study.

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