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Tapestries MUCK is a cross between a real life BDSM play party, a free form roleplaying environment, and a social gathering place all within a furry theme.It strives to provide a place for safe and free exploration of dominance and submission roleplay, as well as other forms of sexual expression in public and in private.

All fandoms have similar trends such parties and conventions where a crowd descends on a hotel or a house, and trends towards liking particular types of music and dress.

Tapestries facilitates this by providing an environment that is populated exclusively by adult players and furry characters, as well as by setting guidelines that encourage tolerance and respect of other's fantasies and beliefs.

In more detail: A portmanteau word: Bondage & Discipline Dominance & Submission Sadism & Masochism.

Tapestries was highlighted in a 2005 Wired news article about cybersex.

The registration system was flooded, and White Fire was forced to turn away new users for a while.


  1. Short · If dressing up as an animal and getting off with a friend is your thing, you're not alone. You're a Furry and there are 20,000 of you that get together on the internet through chat rooms. See full summary.

  2. Though most furry-related activity occurs on the internet as art, role-playing games, and chat rooms, there are also several furry conventions held. A small percentage of. Some frustrating misconceptions towards furries is that they engage in beastiality and that they have sex while wearing fursuits. These allegations are.

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  5. Jul 13, 2015. Originally, Tapestries was a multi-world muck, of which the furry region was only one of many that could be reached through a tapestry room hence the. and in this case it is meant to explain that Tapestries MUCK is a place for people who are generally interested in ways to have sex that are outside the.

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