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Pricey but hard-wearing Ipe was reckoned to last for 25 years.

At some point, some bean-counter worked out the math and the switch was made. It's rot-resistant, insect-resistant and even naturally fire-resistant, and the boards laid at Coney Island did indeed last for two and a half decades before needing to be replaced.

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I understand that, but it's so much better to have a surface to walk on next to the beach.

In the 1960s they began using Ipe, and Atlantic City followed suit.

Ipe ain't cheap—also called Brazilian Walnut, the stuff has to be shipped in from Central or South America—while chemically-treated Southern Yellow Pine was easily available and relatively affordable. Because boards made from Southern Yellow Pine needed to be replaced every ten years, bringing with it high maintenance costs.

In 1995, the first location outside of California was opened in Miami, FL. In 2010, the company opened their flagship two-story, 85,000 square foot store at the Los Cerritos Center. Forever 21 currently operates over 723 stores in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Asia, Europe and Latin America. I gave him a receipt for one of the gift cards as it was a gift to my daughter for Christmas from my sister that resides in NY.

The company had annual revenue in 2015 of .4 billion. She attempted to pay for her items with a gift card. The other gift card I counldn’t produce as it was a birthday gift my daughter received from a friend back home in Arizona. One of the gift cards, the one I had the receipt for, he was able to issue a new one. That’s when the attitude and dismissive behavior began.


  1. Choosing the material to build a boardwalk out of can be tricky. Never mind the amount of people traipsing over the thing; being located on the shore, it is subject.

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