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Entourage exchange inbox not updating

Viewing another person's calendar over the Web is only available when using the IE browser.Check whether the recipient's address reported in the error message is correct, if not, resend the message to the correct address. Due to the e-mail transition to Exchange, the server-based global address book which is cached (stored) in a user's e-mail program may reflect an old address until updated from the server.For more, see: Users may experience issues receiving instant messages while using the integrated Lync functionality within Exchange Outlook Web App.To avoid this issue, use a full version of the Lync client.When receiving attachments Virus Scan 7.x may place a Heuristic virus warning before the body of a message.Upgrade to the latest Virus Scan software to resolve the issue.(the default setting), Avast Antivirus will delete all the text in the body when the option to scan outbound messages is enabled in Avast's Mail Shield settings.To avoid this problem, either disable the Exchange 2010 has changed the way distribution lists are managed.

Windows will send a signal to Outlook telling it to shut down automatically when all internal processes are complete.

At this time, there is no workaround in Chrome; use Internet Explorer or Firefox to access those functions in OWA.

Alternatively, you can use Outlook or an IMAP mail program.

Other issues may also arise if using Outlook 2003 in an Exchange 2010 environment. This most often manifests as an inability to add an attachment or look up someone in the Address Book. Google Chrome discontinued support for modal window use.

To connect to an Exchange 2010 mailbox using Outlook 2003, you must enable encryption.


  1. In the setup and configuration of Entourage it is very important to not only meet prerequisites, but to do so sequentially. It is recommended to have the Autodiscover record in place first, install the Entourage 12.2.8 update, and then install EWS. Installing EWS first, or installing on top of any version number prior to 12.2.8 will.

  2. Jun 1, 2017. Migrating from Entourage to Outlook 2011 for Mac. Locally stored emails are seen in Entourage under the On My Computer section on the left hand side of the window beneath Inbox. Outlook Inbox. Continue this process until the AutoUpdate software informs you that no more updates are available.

  3. Jul 13, 2015. While we're busy working on the new release, this is an opportunity to highlight the great features of the Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac client. Perhaps you've never used it. Outlook will behave better if you create your folders right on top of the mailbox, not under default folders like Inbox or Sent Items.

  4. In Entourage, the Web Services version update is required in order to view another person's calendar. Note that updates may be required before the Web Services version can be installed. In Outlook Web App OWA, using Internet.

  5. Entourage Versions prior to 12.x of Entourage 2008 including Entourage 2004 are no longer supported. –2004 users are required to upgrade to Office 2008 +EWS edition or to Office 2011 for Mac. –2008 version 12.x or older are required to update to EWS edition or upgrade to Office 2011. –Information on where to.

  6. Apr 3, 2010. Fundamentally, if you delete something from an Exchange ActiveSync account it is removed from your Exchange mailbox and thus it will not be displayed on any devices that sync with your Exchange mailbox Outlook on a desktop workstation, Entourage, iPhone, iPad, Android device, Windows Mobile.

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