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12_____ Do you both agree that marriage is forever? With a little work, you can become "Solid as a Rock." 15 to 18 pts. 13_____ Do you refrain from using manipulation or blackmail to get your own way? I have yet to have fostered such an extreme attitude towards someone on TV or radio.I don't like people who cut me off in traffic or pull in front of me and slow down. Hardly worth getting my blood pressure worked up over. the kind of thing people listen to and watch when they do not have sattelite TV, the internet and better choices. Phil, Howard Stern, Rush Limbough all in a room together, lock the door and throw away the key.(True love means frequently surrendering your will to meet your loved one's needs and wishes without violating your moral values.) Scoring: Give yourself one point for each "yes" answer and zero points for each "no" answer. Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.I recommend volunteering for church, charity and civic projects -- or joining school clubs, bands, debate teams or sports programs.) 15_____ When you have a disagreement or the going gets tough, do both of you respond respectfully with patience and understanding? 16_____ Have your family and friends told you they approve of your relationship -- that they feel it's making you a better person?

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Geez, they're just radio/TV personalities that are paid to give out their advice. Laura Schlessinger is the top female radio personality in America. Afterwards, have your boyfriend/girlfriend take the test to see how you compare. 2_____ Is your relationship free of drug and alcohol abuse?A licensed marriage, family and child counselor, Dr. 3_____ Can you say you're never asked to compromise your moral values?24_____ Does your sweetheart already have the qualities needed to be a super spouse and a wonderful parent for your children? 25_____ Are you willing to give up power and let your loved one control some of the important decisions and circumstances? 14_____ Do you like spending time together doing different activities? (Not just watching TV, mall shopping or talking on the phone together. The CBSC found similar fault with her generalized statements that pedophilia is more prevalent among members of the gay community.In 1998, former radio mentor Bill Ballance sold to a media outlet nude photos of Schlessinger for which she had posed when she and Ballance had an affair in the 70s.So, they just ignore facts, and feel things instead, and call them facts. Laura is a loud mouth entertainer who uses lambasting as a shtick to hock her wares.Any true value that could be gleaned from her works is lost and overshadowed by her cruelty and hypocrisy. Laura, herself: On May 10, 2000, The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC) ruled that Schlessinger's "consistent characterization of the sexual behavior of gays and lesbians as 'abnormal,' 'aberrant,' 'deviant,' 'disordered,' 'dysfunctional' and 'an error' constituted abusive discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and as such, were in violation of the human rights provision of its Code of Ethics.


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