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Like I said at the beginning, this is a site that means business – this is a site for American men and Ukraine women that are seriously looking for marriage.Value for Money This is more a dating agency than a dating site so things will get a bit pricier here.It’s an agency / Ukraine dating site, so you’ll be paying a lot more for some of the features, and it would be wasted if you’re not looking for an agency-type website. How often do you thank your family and friends, the Universe or God for no particular reason? You must admit that these are questions of current importance!There are other, better sites out there that don’t take half as long to sign up to.Selection of Ukraine Girls I didn’t really spend much time on the site, mostly because it seems impossible for me to get through such a long registration page.Read all Any woman is a mystery and a riddle that men have been trying to solve for centuries. And there is the question whether men do not notice her, or whether the problem is in the woman herself. Read all For centuries, women fought for the right to determine their own destiny and their own role in the world.Though most women believe they do not need to be “solved” as it is enough to love, to cherish and to surprise them. They refused to accept a set of ideas about traditional gender roles imposed by society.

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Ukrainians know how to thank and they say thank you to each other for any … Read all The main part of Ukrainian national costume is a shirt which is generally made of linen or another natural fabric.You even have the option of an interpreter in video-chat appointment that range from to per meeting, and you will pay separately for the interpreter.Highlights *Lots of features *Agency-lead Ukraine dating site *Decent range of Ukraine ladies Lowlights *Registration took too long – I got bored and gave up *Expensive services (bear in mind you’re essentially hiring an agency as well as a Ukraine dating site) *Only for SERIOUS marriage-seekers *Star rating: 3/5* Dating Women isn’t a bad website if you’re hardcore seeking out marriage.Read all On this page, Natalia and Anand tell their success story of how they met each other through our website and agency, and how it all went. The shirt is decorated with embroidery, that is why, it is called the embroidered shirt or vyshyvanka.It went pretty fast, they had their first online contact in May 2017. Vyshyvanka is considered to be traditional clothing of Ukrainian people.And the first time they met each other face to face was two months later in July 2017. It is a reflection of their value system, traditions, culture and history. Read all Nowadays in Ukraine more and more often there are women who are not only unmarried, but also whose relationships are quite rare.After their successful first meeting, they were communicating every day and they tried to meet as much as … And although she might be pretty, skilled and educated - in one word, almost perfect, her personal life does not go off well.Our employees check and interview ladies who sign up and keeps a personal contact with them.As a result, they can form a better notion of the ladies and find out if the ladies meet the requirements we set, namely single and seriously looking for a relationship with a foreign man. They do this by checking messages and to translate them, it ensures a good and safe communication.That's why we offer our services to ensure that the risks are much smaller in any case.In addition, it is very important that we are an independent agency with our own employees and with a database of ladies who are registered at us.


  1. Sep 11, 2015. This is a serious website for serious people looking for love and marriage in the Ukraine dating world. The whole home page is plastered with brides, wedding rings and happy couples, and although most men looking for Ukraine girls to fall in love would like nothing more than.

  2. Jan 6, 2018. On this page, Natalia and Anand tell their success story of how they met each other through our website and agency, and how it all went. It went.

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