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I loathe girls like Lacey and Megan as if they had punched my firstborn child in the squishy baby face, even praying to the Fuck God that neither win the 0,000 Charm School prize in lieu of my favorite gal, Brandi M.

and all of the corresponding reunion shows– and I kinda believed that after seeing an asthma-stricken, tear-stained, post-vomit Heather chuck a ceramic plate at Lacey-in-a-grandma-sweater-and-ugly-suit’s head, I’d never be surprised again. Listen, we understand what happens when you get dumped by the most desirable girlfriend on the planet. And here’s the thing: we’re pretty sure she was never going to stay with you anyway. Drew loves “It” guys, loves ‘em truly-uly-uly, but simply has to move on, eventually.

Some of you definitely think I’m crazy to care, I’m sure–and you’re like, “Diana, dude. , Really Dumb People, Rock of Love, Rock of Love Bus, Sucking Face, Ugly Chicks I’ll often go on and on and on about how hateful and insulting I find the production structure of most network reality television–I choke at the incessant repetitiveness, misleading commercial bumpers, clunky, cobbled editorial choices, harsh lighting, dull casting, melodramatic music cues. Regarding the latter–with a lower bar for humanity and a higher bar for smut–truly awful, shitty cable reality is fucking TV GOLD.

And it is my love for TV GOLD that explains my longstanding, obsessive commitment to VH1′s .

The flight to Frankfurt was operated four-times weekly with a Lockheed L1011-500 aircraft, which carried up to 218 passengers, with 12 in first class, 23 in business class and 183 in economy class.

After all–with 15 jokers to choose from–Daisy can definitely find herself a better tongue (albeit probably a pierced one). Can somebody please tell the increasingly pugnacious Brittanya that spitting on someone is not only considered unladylike, but possibly Assault?” or “People don’t pierce their muthafuckin’ now, do they?” Oh, and less often: “Is it really possible to get a 6 gauge Prince Albert piercing?All feature a 10.6” individual screen and a broad range of on-demand entertainment.Delta offers over 3,000 flat-bed seats a week between Germany and the United States.Delta also offers Economy Comfort where passengers can board early and enjoy complimentary spirits throughout the flight.Delta offers 2,500 Economy Comfort seats per week between Germany and the United States.Filed under: Assault and Battery, Brittanya, Brittanya O'Campo, Criminals, Ethnic Identificasian, Fighting, Girl Fights, Illegalities, Not One of Us, One of Us One of Us One of Us, Rock of Love, Rock of Love Bus … for three seasons now, and most of those mugs would make a baby cry (save for Jes and Brandi M.)–Brittanya is one of the very rare non-fuggles. Excepting the fact that she PIERCED BOTH OF THE DIMPLES IN HER CHEEKS, THE OTHERWISE CUTEST ELEMENTS OF HER FACE, she’d be rather adorable if she’d simply crack open the Cetaphil and rinse off all of that hideo eye makeup. Mark my words–Don’t be surprised if you see this hot bitch, whatever her ethnic makeup, in the final the dimple-faced Brittanya Asian, or part Asian? ” I’ll tell you, I’ve eyed the wretched faces of the poor gals on R. Fo’ realz, I’ve kinda crossed my fingers that my Jungle Asian Eagle Eye is up to snuff and that Miss Brittanya is actually a pretty in purple Pinay, or a lady with a little Laotian in her. Well, I After quickly realizing that she a) R Not Smarter than a Rock Star and b) is never going to be able to answer any of the game’s brain-benders correctly, she simply ambles over to Bret in her short shorts and starts sucking his tonsils out. Source Source Source Source Source Source Filed under: Bret Michaels, Brittanya, Dimples, Not Smart People, Piercings That Suck, R U Asian?The series premiere, which first aired over the weekend, introduces viewers to 20 guys vying for the lady of the hour’s heart (Note if you haven’t yet watched: Without fail, every time you gasp in horror at the level of douchery exhibited by a newly-introduced cast member, prepare to hear Daisy say something like, “Yummy! Mark’s Pl.: “Who the hell buys pre-safety pinned mesh tank tops?” or “Are people still dying their hair with Manic Panic?


  1. Faith口语课堂-天天学》的新老学员们,我是Faith老师,有人邀请我今晚去一个dating bar约会酒吧,你知道我是很不喜欢参加这种活动的,所以我得想办法wriggle out it. 想知道“wriggle out it”是何.

  2. Bab.la的更多内容. 其他词典词语. English. date red · date saved · date type · date unit · dateable · dated · dateless · dateline · datemark · dates; dating; dating bar · datival · dative · datolite · datto · datum · datum line · datum mark · datum plane · datum point. 查询更多单词在汉语-英语词典。

  3. May 29, 2008. The general dynamic was that ALL the women threw themselves at the Alpha tall, fit, muscular, wealthy & stylish clothing who dominated the scene from the pre-dating bar convo onwards, and the women–the 5s, 6s, and 7s–marked time with the rest of us. on May 29, 2008 at pm RU Serious?

  4. Mar 1, 2011. Ignore all advice about dating bar girls. Advice by Paul Spurrier Page top photo by Paul Spurrier. And, dammit it, if she didn't phone me late one night as she was driving downtown to meet some girlfriends. She later sent a following email How r u? I justed wanted to tell u I had a very good conversation.

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