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All of her friends, cousins, ex-boyfriends, the girl who does her eyebrows and half her old secondary school teachers will be there so don’t you dare show her up. Despite the popular myth, not everyone has black hair and blue eyes Despite many misleading opinions, Galway girls are not all equipt with black flowing manes and eyes of azure blue.If you make this error in judgement, then all you deserve is a broken heart and a ticket home tbh.Ms Maycock added: "We have magnificent-looking women in their 50s and we say their age to guys and straight away they say 'no'."It's about trying to get everyone to meet in the middle."They are seeing their friends live very, very different lives and starting to panic." Ms Maycock said age doesn't seem to be a factor for men until their late 30s."Generally we find that the age of a woman doesn't matter until the guy gets past 36 or 37, he gets obsessed with age." But it's not just men who are looking for love, an increasing number of "magnificent-looking" women over 40 are also signing up to the dating agency.Ms Maycock, who founded the match-making agency with her husband and business partner, Feargal Harrington, said a lot of former "party boys" now in their late 30s are contacting the company after seeing their gang of friends settle down, and a sense of urgency kicks in.

Every man, woman and child is at the Sparch on a fine day and if she is taking you on such a public outing then she is officially not ashamed to be seen with you.Galway is undisputedly the best county in all of Ireland, and lucky you, some absolute babe from the West has caught your eye.Here’re a few things you need to know before courting a Galway girl.1.There are different tribes of people who frequent the various clubs in Galway City (it is a city, don’t let those Mayo people tell you otherwise).Woe betides you if you suggest Carbon and she is more of an Electric Garden attendee, you will never live down the slagging (side note: slagging is a native hobby which is practised at a higher intensity in Galway than any other county).But certainly by far the number one problem we have when matching people is 'great expectations'." So far the company has successfully paired over 3,000 couples, with members from all 32 counties, ranging in ages from 22 to 80.Robin Schiller A convicted armed robber who has become one of the Kinahan cartel’s main Dublin operators was the primary target of the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) when it raided nearly 40 homes and..."They want to inspire a little bit of envy in their friends, so their mates can say 'God, he's done well for himself, I want what he has'." One 65-year-old farmer with a lot of land contacted the agency and thought he would be able to snap up a woman much younger than him because a neighbour in his 50s married a woman who is in her 30s."He thought that was the norm, but we had to tell him that was the exception rather than the rule," said Ms Maycock.And for gods sake, lie through your teeth and say yes if her father asks you if you have road frontage. Sarcasm is the native tongue Saying ‘I will yeah’ means I most certainly will not.Saying ‘we’ll go out for a few’ means we’ll go out and get absolutely hammered.


  1. Ireland's newest and most exciting dating phenomena. We arrange a table for six similarly matched single people for group dates.

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