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The unfortunate truth is that the paid singles don’t know who is free and who is not.Verified, Schmerified Beware of the “verified” profiles that some sites tout.Singles, both men and women, are under attack from the fakes.Put on your battle gear because dating has become a minefield strewn with fakes ready to blow up in your face …There have never been more ways to meet people – online dating sites, dating apps, social media, Meetups, and the old standards of school, work, church, bars, and parties.Yet it’s never felt harder to meet someone you want to marry.Though I’m sure that’ll change if the fakes care enough to read this article—but don’t worry, they don’t.

is one that can tell you if the person is who she says she is, and if she has a criminal history.Plus sometimes other people have a better understanding of what you need than you do yourself.The issue of the fake online dating profile continues to escalate like a hurricane, and drown all the real singles out there in online dating land. The issue remains that the anonymity of online dating has opened the flood gates of liars, thieves, cheats, and the sex industry looking to make a quick buck any way they can.It seems that somehow my profile targets only those that are looking for money, or are spam. For example, the other night I got a message from a lady on Plenty Of and responded to her and then she quickly responded giving me her Yahoo screen name to IM her.After a little while of chatting and waiting and waiting for responses, My response: Unfortunately, you’re running into the sad situation that is online dating.My best guess is to hire a dating coach, but then, I might be a little bit biased.Your thoughts, on elite dating sites and the like, are greatly appreciated. It’s just another way for people to act like a snob I love the idea of a matchmaker. It would be so great to outsource the hard parts of getting a date.Too many women have fake profiles that are used for making money, i.e., directing men to paid porn sites or personal Web sites or just asking men outright for money.Unless the online dating industry makes a push toward cleaning up their websites, men and women will continue to fall prey to fake profiles.Read That Profile Another way to spot a fake is to really check out their profile.Most fake profiles don’t take time to fill in all the sections, or have trouble with correct grammar, or even basic English.


  1. May 27, 2016. No-go When it comes to a first date, awkward conversations, bringing up ex-partners and poor chemistry are often listed as deal-breakers. but a new survey reveals there are a number of unexpected ones. Keep it simple Dating site Elite Singles surveyed a number of men and women who. +8.

  2. Cheaper matchmakers read most of them usually won't be as “exclusive.” So what is a smart, strong, successful woman with a six-figure-income, Ivy League degree, and a ticking clock to do? My best guess is to hire a dating coach, but then, I might be a little bit biased. Your thoughts, on elite dating sites and the like, are.

  3. Feb 7, 2012. When Alex Fontaine joined an upmarket dating agency, she was looking forward to meeting the man of her dreams. Like an increasing number of career women who find themselves single in their 40s, Ms Fontaine decided she needed expert help to find a husband. Having tried internet dating and found it.

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