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Dating documents forensics Free tchat sex arab

Such indented impression marks could recover additional evidence to assist identifying an author, date, or a lead on a location or telephone number of possible suspects in a case.For instance, a threatening note may bear indented impressions that link it to blank note pad taken from a suspect's home, or bear impressions of a handwritten name or address that may lead the investigation further; a map recovered from a crime scene might reveal impressions of a name or location of a hostage; or an anonymous letter written in disguised handwriting may bear useful indented writings that can be matched to a suspects reference sample.

It may be necessary to obtain course-of-business (handwriting produced in the course of an individual's everyday writings) reference writings in order gain a fuller sample of the individual's natural variation in their writing, rather than just a snap shot sample as shown by writing taken by request and for the purposes of the investigation.For many individuals it may be their most commonly used writing.For those who regularly sign their name many times a day, for example on business documents, their signature may become shortened, abbreviated or simplified into a quicker, illegible, but highly personalized scribble.It may also be necessary to match two halves of a financially or legally important torn document together conclusively.Where documents such as financial papers have been destroyed by shredding it can be possible to reconstruct the pages and recover the destroyed information.determine that an individual did not write out the questioned writing, or to ascertain whether a person was responsible for writing out the questioned material.In any comparison it is essential to have a suitable amount of reference writing for each suspect.We would generally suggest ten to twelve versions of the questioned text which consists of a few sentences or paragraphs, or where larger volumes of writing are in question, perhaps only two or three pages.Please refer to our guidelines on how to obtain the most suitable reference samples.If significant similarities are noted and no significant differences are found, the questioned writing may be attributed to the reference writer, i.e.the author of the reference writing wrote out the questioned handwriting.


  1. The potentialities of this “bomb peak dating” method has been shown recently in several forensics applications such as the dating. dating of paper documents.

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