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They are one of THE most popular offshore providers on the Internet.

They have several data centers locations in the Netherlands and run their own private servers.

Sometimes they even demand you take down your entire website. Because you are showing content that is copyrighted by someone else, and that is a violation. More than 99% of all the DMCA notices are send by a robot, and even when you reply to that bot, it won’t reply. The truth is that the copyright war is so vast that they send out hundreds of thousands emails a day.

Some website owners become fearful and comply with these automatic emails. They only unleash their big dogs (lawyers, police, you name it) if you are huge business that is profiting big money off of copyrighted material. About Abelo Host: Abelo is an offshore hosting provider operating from the Netherlands.

To have c Panel, it costs an additional €17.95/month.

About CCIHosting:, established in 2002, is a leading hosting provider in the offshore hosting niche.

Hosting packages: Their shared hosting prices are low, starting at €1.99/month. Their VPS’s, virtualized with Open VZ (not great), start from €5.99/month.Today, Altus Host offers web hosting, VPS and dedicated servers, all of which come with SSD storage and DDo S protection.Altus Host is definitely one of the most obvious choices for when you need hardware power, the only downside being the slightly higher prices due to their first world location.About Warez-host: Founded in 2007, Warez-host, as its name already implies, specializes in hosting warez content.Warez is another word for content that receives copyright infringement notices.With no about page, this hosting provider is as anonymous as the anonimity they offer to their clients.Their anonimity service is questionable considering that you have to fill out all your personal details when you place an order.They also have livechat and phone support, which is a plus in case something happens to your website(s).About Hidemyhost: Another name that immediately makes sense – Hosting with them, you will have the guarantee that none of your websites will be suspended because of DMCA. Their servers are located in the Netherlands and Luxembourg.Last remarks: Not the cheapest option out there, but it does give you a guarantee of immunity.


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  2. Aug 10, 2012. Has someone filed a large number of DMCA "takedown" requests against your site? If so, look out. There's a new penalty that may cause you to rank lower in Google's search results. It joins other penalties also called "filters" or "updates" such as "Panda" and "Penguin." We're dubbing this one the "Pirate.

  3. OffshoreDedi offers a good range of both performance and affordability, and their server locations in Central America and Eurasia make their services very accessible all around the world. On top of that, they're a very reliable choice due to a strict policy of keeping software up to date and frequently maintaining and replacing.

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