Dating a professor transsexual adult dating

Honestly, as a fellow student, I think it will look weird.

Whatever they say to your face, I doubt many people will really accept right away that nothing happened before you left the lab / graduated.

He is tenured and well-established and has nothing to worry about.

Although this relationship does not violate any policies, I am sure it will be frowned upon and that, because I am younger and less established, I will be negatively affected. She then remained single for 25 years, while he immediately married , but you'll pay a high price.

My main question to this forum is what would you think if you were another student in my department? Hi Secret-Name, I'm much older than you and it's hard for me to guess what your fellow students (and professors! I can share the experience of a former girlfriend of mine, who went to a very prestigious university in Great Britain (either Cambridge or Oxford, I won't say which) -- and dated a professor, marrying him immediately upon graduation (he was 25 yrs older than she). She did feel ostracized, and one brave-but-forthright student told her directly that for her own sake, she should not date someone in her own field, because "everybody" assumed her superior grades were due to favoritism. I think you probably realize that already, but I thought I'd chime in with my former girlfriend's story.

We have tried to keep the relationship as covert as possible and very few people from my undergrad institute know about it.

That said, we are both reluctant to lie about it and eventually plan to be a little more open.


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