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"I need a minute," I said, thinking my forced tone would provide appropriate emphasis. An intense look of concern plastered across her face. Thinking back to when Britt and I were dating, I was the one reluctant to commit to having kids. For that, I blame a part of me I had no clue about. Glanced over at my wife, so beautiful, so vulnerable as I carted her off to be bred like some prized livestock. Years later, it's astounding I'm the one all too ready and eager to see her bred. Even though it was early Friday evening on a toasty spring day, she trembled at my touch as if a cold breeze had licked her skin. My hand played with the sheer fabric that flimsily covered her butt. Handjobs and blowjobs were reserved exclusively for him. There, major relief waited for my eager cock and forlorn balls. Unless I decided to spend the whole weekend edging, contemplating what Britt and Trey were doing.

She liked to bare her midriff so she could show off her thumb-sized My Little Pony tattoo adorning her right front hip bone. So I really looked forward to our occasional games, if only to have Kelly brush her hot little body up against mine through the night while stirring up all our cocks. Which meant we ended somewhat early, around with limp dicks instead of our usual AM with erect dicks. I stayed to help Tony clean up the small pile of dishes we'd dirtied. So, like many to-be-wed couples, we agreed to keep the option and our minds open to the thought. Some fucking farmer type who got his rocks off putting his champion heifer out for some stud's ministrations? So what are you honestly looking for regarding the two of us? Then, she gave the slightest of head shakes before she came around and eased her luscious ass onto the seat. Dangling down from that sculpted abdomen, one of the biggest ebony cocks I could imagine pointed like a lance right at the tiny, helpless pussy. I stared at that image until it burned into my retinas. Snatched a dish towel and started polishing glasses. He unlocked the screen, gave it a glance, smirked again, and set it down. Real casual, like she might have liked M&Ms or Ben and Jerry's. Left to decide whether we clung to our old life as an everyday couple or completely flipped it upside-down, topsy-turvy. How to be rational when his half-hard cock wants nothing more than to fixate on jets of black sperm breaching her cervix and knocking her up? Either we go back home and make a white baby in our bed tonight or you take me to Trey's where I'll make a black baby in his. This girl was as fine as they came, I'm telling you. Between her slender knees hovered the ripped torso of what appeared to be a black Olympian. It was the rational choice, the one I should have said without hesitation. Tony did get a steady stream of text messages from his bride, all of which he smirked at before he quickly flipped his phone over to focus back on cards. The message from her said: 'about to be dessert.' That was it. As I was setting the phone back down, another message arrived. I just assumed it was at a friend's place or her parents. More than anything." "Promise you'll love me afterwards? In 30 minutes I'd be abandoning my loving bride with the man who intended to fuck her senseless over the course of the weekend. That's the instant when the fuse had been lit resulting in a blast that realigned my brain cells into the man I'd become. More specifically, a husband who now wanted nothing more than to have an alpha male properly and thoroughly inseminate the woman he was forever devoted to. I'd been stroking it hard for months now ever since Trey had suggested taking this huge step in our cuckold relationship. Oh, what that would do to her flat belly, slender waist, amazing ass and tiny titties. I drove out of our complex across town headed towards Trey's townhouse. Just as long as she was chemically or physically protected whenever it happened. The culprit in this case was my brain, specifically a dark and twisted corner of it that had lurked unknowingly until it had exploded to light about a year ago. The fire in my gut roared into an inferno at the mental image.


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