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Yet another fabricaton and attempt to put down Saudi Arabia and Muslims everywhere. But we should be aware of upcoming stories like this.It’s 10 days past ovulation, and I know it’s still early.I lie in bed for a while and tell myself not to get discouraged if the test is negative because most tests are not positive until 13-15 dpo. And then I went on to have a jar party for breakfast!!Finally I get up and unwrap one of my cheap internet strips. If you aren’t familiar with the TTC forums, like the ones at Fertility Friend, you’d be surprised about what a huge online world it is.I am not claiming to be exempt from this – I definitely got a little crazy at times examining tests in 10 different lights, and yes, even Photoshopping them to see if a line appeared under dark exposure and high contrast.I had read about debates between first morning urine (FMU) and second morning urine (SMU) on the forums.

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In addition to granting you access to the best pregnant porn collection on the web to date, encourages an interactive experience.

Also, I have to say…I enjoy being able to relate to this new blog.

Although my postive pregnancy tests feels like a life time ago…not 28 weeks. I think it was a great idea to start a separate BERF blog.

If you are wondering whether or not you’re pregnant, your mind is probably racing with questions.

It’s common to feel confused, scared or overwhelmed.


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