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A couple of years from now, he may be one of several Never Trump Republicans fighting over the GOP's carcass - or, alternatively, the first nominee of a new party or even an independent candidate with a historically unique opening.In any event, it's smart for him to start visiting New Hampshire.He has wondered, "With 2018 featuring a shutdown followed by further partisan squabbling and a nasty election campaign; and 2019 likely to see total war between a Democratic House and the Trump Administration - could conditions be better in 2020 for a possible independent, national unity candidacy?" Two years is forever in our political environment.In the fully and permanently Trumpized GOP, it would be impossible for Kasich, a fiscal conservative, an advocate of immigration reform and a traditional internationalist in foreign policy, to find a majority or even plurality to support him.Kasich has taken on Trump again and again, whether on health care, on foreign policy or on immigration, but the vast majority of Republicans have stuck with Trump and his agenda.If Trump runs again in 2020, Kasich would seem far better suited for an independent run.Yes, we know, independents historically have fared poorly.

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However, the completed metamorphosis of the GOP into an ethno-nationalist party would leave a political vacuum.Trump and his unprincipled Republican enablers have so soiled the brand that it will not recover for a very long time." In the meantime, Humphrey argues, "there is now a broad avenue between the parties that would collect the votes of traditional conservatives from both parties and from the ranks of independents, constituting a plurality, if not a majority, in the general election." As he points out, New Hampshire has more independent voters than it does either Democrats or Republicans.(Humphrey himself re-registered as an independent the day after the presidential election.) It is noteworthy that Humphrey strongly supported Kasich in 2016.And yet, even in that situation, with Trump gone and disgraced, it's not clear there would be enough Never Trump or ex-Trump-supporting Republicans around to rally around a representative of the Kasich-Corker-Flake-Baker group.By then, the opponents of Trump may have packed up and left the party - either like Humphrey to the status of independent or to support the most moderate Democratic candidate they can find.In such a case, there could be a robust race between two camps.On one hand, the Trump wing (e.g., Pence, Arkansas Sen.- any HIT that asks you to download anything (see below) - SEO work (see below) - marketing (see below) DO NOT DO anything that asks for any personal information at all - even your zip code.If you feel in your gut it's not on the level, IT'S NOT. Because they are scams and you will not get paid for your work.- post on a forum, blog or website On top of that, anything marketing related; - call people and tell them about my company - send mail/email about my company - put up flyers for my company - anything listed in the SEO list above - Posting on craigslist, kijiji, forums, even your own blog is a no-no as well. Because it is against m Turk's Terms of Service (TOS). 13-Requesters-Hall-of-Fame-Shame-RATINGS-ONLY) OR it's listed here: Safe downloads list: - Inquisit Why? In fact, it is my personal recommendation that you ONLY complete HITs for requesters listed in the Hall of Fame/Shame ( Because new requesters can mass reject all HITs completed, abandon their account, and create a new one.Because it could have a virus, which is difficult to detect and once installed on your computer likely impossible to determine the source of the infection. 13-Requesters-Hall-of-Fame-Shame-RATINGS-ONLY) with a smiley face. They take the work done and you don't get paid AND get a terrible reject rate to boot.


  1. Jan 29, 2018. The two-term Ohio governor and 2016 Republican presidential candidate will headline a fireside chat at New England College in Henniker on April 3. In other words, if Trump destroys the GOP, his Republican critics might have no interest in picking up the pieces to fight for the nomination of a party.

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  3. Jan 11, 2015. Everyone agrees that the mash-up of movies and TV, liberally seasoned with free booze, gives the Golden Globes the potential to be Hollywood's most entertaining. 1 CandyPerfumeGrrl Like. Granted, no one KNEW she would bring up the attack in France, but. couldn't he have waved it off, maybe?

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