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Benedict cumberbatch dating

The film follows the pioneering code breaker and his team at Bletchley Park in a race against time to break the German Enigma code during the darkest days of World War II.

The movie, which will open this year’s London Film Festival, stars Keira Knightley as Turing’s friend and fellow code breaker Joan Clarke, who worked alongside Turing in Bletchley Park.

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Central heterochromia is where each eye has multiple colors - in his case, each has a different but nearly identical combination of blue, green, and gold.

‘children’ and ‘family’ – although I have just used those words – put it this way, I hope I’ve got other people to look back with me at that point.

I hope I’m surrounded by family.’ Oh, Benedict, you’re teasing us.

During his gap year, before studying Drama in Manchester University, he spent some time volunteering as an English teacher at a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in Darjeeling, India. In 2012, he won a Laurence Olivier Award, London Evening Standard Award and Critics' Circle Award for his performance in Danny Boyle's stage production Frankenstein (2011) at the Royal National Theatre wherein he played Victor Frankenstein and his Creature in alternating nights.

He unexpectedly got dual voice roles on The Simpsons (1989) when he visited Fox's studio for a completely unrelated appointment.


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  2. Benedict Cumberbatch's rumoured new girlfriend is British actress Sophie Hunter

  3. Sorry, ladies and gentlemen -- Benedict Cumberbatch is officially off the market. Sherlock Holmes proposed to girlfriend Sophie Hunter and made the.

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