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Are we officially dating blacklist become more confident dating

The fantasies she orchestrated included the kidnap and rape of a British princess, the mauling of a big-game poacher and the vivisection of a drug dealer as he was eaten alive.

Not your typical wish-fulfillment scenarios."Barnes has always operated with a certain level of...detachment—always the designer, the seller. But if Barnes is now willing to use his work to kill indiscriminately, then he is, quite literally, the most dangerous man in the world.""Every culture has a justice myth, an avenging angel who exacts retribution for the weak and innocent. The Ancient Greeks had Adrestia, the Goddess of Revenge.

He was responsible for saving Tom from his juvenile delinquent days.

A keeper of secrets who collected documents, recordings and photos and kept them in an impenetrable safe deposit vault.

With his army of agile social media manipulators, he orchestrated elaborate disinformation campaigns that drew attention away from his clients' operations.

A matchmaker of sorts, the Djinn paired clients with what they most desired: greed, lust, revenge.

A master of espionage working as a black ops contractor for the Chinese Ministry of State Security.

Matchett joined Los Segadores, a group of farmers aiming to take down Verdiant.

Collaborating with an inside man at the company, Matchett and his co-conspirators killed Verdiant employees and stole genome blueprints for the proprietary seeds, supposedly to break their patent by open-sourcing it.

In truth, he planned to use it to create a crop blight that he hoped would scare the world away from GMO plants.

A mysterious recruiter who recruits runaways, juveniles and orphans of all races, ethnicities and sexes in order to train them and deploy them as deep cover agents.


  1. NBC and Sony Pictures Television are plotting a spinoff for "The Blacklist" and. we do in the world of the. Officially in Development “The Blacklist.

  2. Watch video · Oh my god, the May 19 episode of 'The Blacklist' was absolutely mind-blowing! Between the over-the-top action and shocking revelations, one major character.

  3. Characters / The Blacklist Blacklist Names. we initially have no idea what their history is or if it has anything. Except he's not exactly officially a.

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