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American dating romance

However, a raisonneur doesn't necessarily sing like the chorus, and the character appears in other RASH BOON: A motif in folklore and in Celtic and Arthurian literature in which an individual too hastily promises to fulfill another character's request without hearing exactly what that request is.

For instance, in the first tale in REALISM: An elastic and ambiguous term with two meanings.

Since the spirits still existed, however, they could theoretically interact with the physical world.

Examining the wide variety of writers called "realists" at one time or another shows how flexible the term is.

These writers include such diverse artists as Mark Twain, Flaubert, Balzac, Zola, Guy de Maupassant, Tolstoy, Gogol, Gorki, William Howells, William Burroughs, Thomas Hardy, and Norman Mailer.

Dramatists normally considered realists include Henrik Ibsen, George Bernard Shaw, and Strindberg.

RELIC: The physical remains of a saint or biblical figure, or an object closely associated with a saint, biblical figure, or a miracle.

Sample relics might be Saint Veronica's veil, a sandal of the Virgin Mary, the skull of John the Baptist, a hair or fingernail of the disciple Mark, a bone from Saint John the Divine, a splinter or fragment from Christ's cross, or the lance that was embedded in Christ's side.


  1. Directed by Anton Corbijn. With George Clooney, Paolo Bonacelli, Violante Placido, Irina Björklund. An assassin hides out in Italy for one last assignment.

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