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Some question access to semi-automatic weapons that can fire dozens of rounds within seconds.

One young man reminded a rally in Florida, that addressing these issues was not about being Republican or Democrat, but about being human.

While some people note that many of the shooters have serious mental health issues or have links with terrorist groups, and that needs to be acknowledged, many others are asking deeper questions about “the gun culture” across the United States.

Some question an all-or-nothing approach to the Second Amendment in an age of automatic weapons.

Some question why many Americans so vehemently defend that right.

Anglican What is remarkably notable in the aftermath of this recent shooting in Florida is the tremendous resilience of the young people in standing up and speaking out with grave concern for the gun violence that is tearing apart families and communities.

These students are speaking out with a courage and conviction that cannot go unnoticed.

Their cry for reform will not pass soon as some might expect and others might hope.

After its show circuit days were over, the Futura had become a movie car.

It had made a cameo appearance in a 1959 Glenn Ford/Debbie Reynolds movie called “It Started With a Kiss.” Barris bought it shortly thereafter.


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